Father’s heart conference

In our usual style, The Father’s Heart youth sessions were loud, crazy and fun. While the adults were engaging in much more serious sessions, we ran a superhero themed weekend including a daily pants challenge (pictured), games, a youth cafe and much more. Teaming up with the other YFC centre’s including East Norfolk and Integrate, we engaged in worship led by the Storehouse band and talks by Nick (Blanch), Steph and Jonathan (Richardson).

Asking for feedback at the end of the weekend, 2 young people stood and gave testimony in front of 200 adults. Gail* said “I didn’t think it would change my life” and related how God has spoke to her specifically about forgiving someone from her past. She told us she didn’t have to “carry the weight around anymore”. Eli* said that before the weekend, she didn’t belong to a church and was simply invited by a friend to the weekend. But God had spoken to her and she had responded. In her words, “God has opened up my heart and I got to connect with Him”.

Here’s some of the other comments we had written down:

“While we were singing, I got an indescribable feeling. I could feel the spirit of God moving through the room. It was amazing”

“God has encouraged me to go forward for prayer for boldness and courage to share my faith”

“The advice from the leaders was encouraging and helpful”

The team were tired from the weekend, especially after a busy month which has included Celebrate, The Royal Norfolk Show, a football day at Open Academy and youth worship service, Encounter! Here’s to the summer!

*names changed for confidentiality