Norwich Youth for Christ

Norwich Youth for Christ (NYFC) has been working with young people in Norwich and the surrounding area for over 35 years.

We believe that every young person deserves the best in life and we aim to work alongside them wherever they are. This involves helping an individual achieve their full potential, become complete, know their worth and what they can achieve. It also involves giving them the tools that will help them make informed decisions about their ethical framework and their world-view.

As a faith based organisation, we aim to demonstrate the love of God to the young people we work with, we discuss the gospel of Jesus in relevant ways and we support young people who choose to be a disciple of Jesus.

We employ 9 members of staff and work with over 70 volunteers including young people who complete gap years with us.

NYFC is part of the national movement of Youth for Christ (YFC) and is one of over 70 other YFC centres across the UK. As a family of centre’s we work with each other and share resources but are locally resourced.

All NYFC’s funding comes from it’s own supporters, largely individuals and churches. NYFC has it’s own set of local trustees and they govern the charity.

NYFC is a member of the SAFER programme which is run by the Norfolk Safeguarding Children Board

To read our Safeguarding Policy Statement please click on the link below

NYFC Safeguarding Policy Statement

Norwich YFC has set out 4 priorities in the work we do and we ensure all our projects fall within these priorities

Schools Work

We deliver focused programmes that supports the RE curriculum and raises young people's understanding of Christianity across schools in Norwich…
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Music & Media

We use a variety of music and media forms to engage with young people, allowing them to express their talents…
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We want to work effectively with other organisations and churches to engage with more young people. Whether it's a formalised partnership…
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Resourcing Others

We provide a range of resources for young people and churches to help them grow their outreach and their faith.…
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