Over the Christmas Holidays, Jack, a young person who comes to our creative youth group The Jam, came to us with a plotline for an Easter related story. This gradually became the script for our latest film project – Anaphora.

With a completed script and some locations found, we organised a Film School in February half term. We had 10 young people attend and over the three days they were able to learn about different aspects of filmmaking and acting. We finished off the filming at The Jam over a few Wednesday evenings and went into the editing phase with a few weeks to go until Easter.

The film follows Loudas (a modern Judas) as he gets stuck in a time loop between the last supper and his friend Logos (Jesus) dying. Along the way Loudas discovers that maybe he can change his decisions and save Logos.

We launched the film at our Good Friday Encounter and received a fantastic response. Ian Savory (Lighthouse Sheringham) said the film was “Really powerful.”. One of the young people involved said that their family had really enjoyed watching it and that it was the ‘best one yet’. One of our supporters said: “I forgot I was watching a video made by young people. I thought I was watching Netflix, it was so good!”.

You can watch Anaphora below. Subscribe to our youtube channel to access all our latest films!

Want to get involved? We’re looking for more young people to join our creative group The Jam. We meet every Wednesday at 6pm at Sprowston Methodist Church!