Escape the Island! Resources Update

Ever been to an escape room? It’s a puzzle room that people pay to go into and try to work out how to get out in the quickest time possible. Usually working as a team, it’s a fun game that is growing in popularity with several escape rooms popping up in Norwich. So over the past few months we have toured around our own escape room for youth groups to try. Based on the idea of a reality tv show, groups are stuck on an island and have to work out how to escape before the volcano erupts! Exploring character traits and mental health issues whilst using bibles as codes and messages, we are able to communicate the gospel in a unique way. Already, over 100 young people have experienced this game and we have more bookings in the pipeline.

Encounter, our youth worship event, continues to run and this term our theme was ‘don’t be shaped by the world – be a world shaper!’. Focusing in on Romans 12, we promoted the importance of reading God’s word. It’s a timely moment as nationally, Youth for Christ have partnered with Bible Society to produce a brand new Youth Bible. It’s a gorgeous looking bible with lots of aids and explanations. We’ve pre-ordered a big batch to give away to young people who want them.

Our next Encounter event is on March 22nd with national youth speaker and author, Rachel Gardner as our special guest.