Giving students a Boost!

Steve* was struggling at school. He would refuse to attend lessons or argue with teachers. The school were concerned about his lack of progress and the potential for exclusion.

Steve started attending Boost, our new project designed to help students in these situations. Every Tuesday, Steve attends Boost. The day starts off with a light activity and a catchup. Then we dive into ‘MyLife’, an accredited life skills course created by Youth for Christ. ‘MyLife’ helps Steve to learn crucial life skills to help him engage better with the world around him. After this, his mentor sessions help him to reflect on where he is in life and where he wants to be. They also do some English and Maths catch-up work together.

Later, Steve works with ‘Tracks’, learning about music and how to write a song. It’s an opportunity to express some of what he is going through, putting his feelings and emotions into lyrics.

Steve has also begun to attend some of our other activities including Film School and our worship service; Encounter.

One of his parents said “Thank you for everything we are doing at Boost. His behaviour is much better!”.
At the time of writing, we are now processing further referrals, with another 4 students expected to join the project in May.

*name changed for confidentiality