Introducing Gemma!

Gemma Stapleford is our new Student Youth Worker for Meadow Way Chapel (Hellesdon) and joined the team in October 2017. She focuses her part-time hours over four main youth groups including Hellesdon High School Christian Union, Friday night youth club (‘Oasis’), Sunday morning Bible Class and Sunday evening creative arts group (‘Speak’).

If you’ve visited our offices recently, you’ll be able to identify Gemma’s desk by her alarming amount of colourful mind maps and ideas splattered on her wall. Alongside her creativity, Gemma is also likely to slide a joke into most conversations. Gemma believes relational youth work is the way forward and will take any opportunity to get arty and have a laugh with her youth.

Gemma has also led a youth weekend away at Letton Hall and is currently planning a summer camp in partnership with another local church ‘Hellesdon Christian Disciples’. These larger scale events are a fantastic opportunity to deepen relationship and find God through different games and activities. With ‘The Greatest Showman’ as a theme, it will be a really powerful time for the young people to consider how Jesus can make a change in their lives.

This role is part of our commitment to work in partnership with local churches with their youth ministry.