Schools Work

We deliver focused programmes that supports the RE curriculum and raises young people’s understanding of Christianity across schools in Norwich and the surrounding areas.

Our programmes are engaging, creative and interactive and enables students to see faith in a positive light while giving them opportunities to ask questions and learn about spirituality.

We have a variety of programmes with different outcomes but each project will meet at least one of the criteria below:

explore the meanings of Christian festivals (e.g. Easter, Christmas)

consider ethical issues from a faith perspective

meet those who practice faith and learn about the significance


Most programmes are fully funded and at no cost to the school except some minor expenses.

Please see the following overview of some of our programmes.

‘Anti-Bullying Roadshow’ 

Promoting the importance of treating everyone with dignity and as a community taking collective responsibility to stop bullying from happening. This half day roadshow revolves around a play that highlights the damaging effect bullying has and the different roles people play. We explore what bullying is (as defined by the Anti-Bullying Alliance), how it affects people and what we can do about it. Includes group work activities and workshops as students are given the opportunity to change the play and change the story.


‘Easter Uncovered’

Journey through the Easter story as we walk pupils through the last week of Jesus’ life leading to the crucifixion and then the resurrection. A great chance for RE classes to find out in memorable way what Christians believe happened at Easter and why it’s important to them. Students get to experience what it may have been like to see the events unfold, what it may have been like to see Jesus praying in anguish in the garden, to being arrested, crucified and then finding the tomb empty.


‘Prayer/Reflective Spaces’

These are an experiential, tangible, exploration into what prayer is. Students spend an RE lesson exploring how, what and who engages with Prayer. Prayer Spaces enable students to explore faith and spirituality from a Christian perspective in a safe, creative and interactive way. A range of flexible resources can be adapted to work for pupils bringing an experiential dimension to a variety of subject areas and to pastoral aspects of school life. Prayer spaces can also be adapted to particular themes such as Christmas or Easter


‘Christianity day’

A day that can be tailored to focus on any individual year group. The day is split into two with the morning made up of lessons based around Christianity for RE classes. Then for the afternoon something slightly different, we will provide a show/presentation/production which will bring in music, drama, sports or dance (or a mix of them) to bring everything together.


‘Grill a Christian’

We can visit individual lessons for students to ask specific questions about their beliefs and why they hold these beliefs. No question is off-limits!


‘Individual lessons, assemblies or lunch clubs’

We are happy to explore opportunities to deliver lessons, assemblies or lunch clubs in your school.

Music & Media

We use a variety of music and media forms to engage with young people, allowing them to express their talents and gifts and in the process explore Christianity.

Projects include a weekly music club, a mobile recording studio, artist development and a YouTube channel. We also provide individual and tailored sessions for churches and schools. For more information or bookings on any of our music and media projects, please contact Sarah on

Tracks – Our mobile recording studio! Still in development but we hope to have it on the road by June 2016. Tracks is a VW Crafter van which is currently being converted. Tracks uses music to build self esteem, achievements and aspirations in disaffected and disengaged young people and enables them to re-engage in their education. Predominantly for use in schools, Tracks is also available as a means of outreach for churches and also private hire to community groups.

The Jam – A weekly music club for year 6 upwards.  Aimed at helping young people develop their music and media skills, all abilities are welcome, whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting out!  Each term we’ll be working on a project – that is selected by the group. Projects such as writing songs, learning to busk, making a music video, learning to perform… and much more!
Every Wednesday during term time. 5-6:30pm at Norwich Central Baptist Church.

The Chorus – A fun and quirky YouTube channel aimed at young people. From light-hearted videos about minecraft to more powerful stories and short films. To date, the channel has had over 10,000 views and were runners up for the category of ‘Most Innovative Use of Digital Media’ at the Norfolk Christian Digital Communications Awards.

Artist Development – With the use of Tracks we will be developing a number of young musicians who want to go further in the music business. We want to demonstrate God’s love in an influential industry and empower young people to grow into the potential that God has for them rather than the moulds that are shaped by society and the music industry.

StoreHouse – Our worship band which plays at most of the youth worship nights (Encounter) and other NYFC events. StoreHouse is a band which mixes youth and adults to help train and cultivate young people to play in a band. The name StoreHouse comes from …



We want to work effectively with other organisations and churches to engage with more young people.

Whether it’s a formalised partnership which funds youthwork in a church or organisation or just coming alongside other informally to help each other out, we love to work in partnership with others!

We are honoured to belong to the thriving Christian community in Norwich as an interdenominational organisation. In particular we have 6 funded partnerships, representing over 20 churches. Each funded project is individual and tailored to the needs of the church and it’s desire to serve the community. You can find out more by reading about our funded work below. Want to work in partnership with us? Contact Nick at

Poringland and Framingham Earl – Funded by Poringland and Framingham Earl Churches Together, this project has been running for over 10 years. Known as 4D, the project is headed up youthworker Emmi Marlow. Emmi runs after school youth cafe’s at the Methodist church on Mondays and Tuesdays as well as regular detached work in Framingham Earl High School.

Yare Valley Churches, Brundall  -The other half of Emmi’s job! Emmi helps to run a further after school youth cafe on Friday (years 6 – 9)and an evening drop-in on Thursday (14+).

Meadow Way Chapel, Hellesdon – Rupert Appleton is our student youth worker and is studying at the Institute for Childrens and Youth Ministry, Ridley Hall. As part of his degree, his placement is with Meadow Way Chapel and Norwich YFC oversee and manage his role. Rupert is involved in all aspects of the churches youthwork, including a Friday night youthclub, a Christian lunch club in Hellesdon High School, Sunday activities and much more.

Bramerton Youth R Us (BYRUS) – Our biggest geographical partnership, BYRUS is a collection of 11 parish churches! Youthworker Dave Cossey, runs youth clubs in Thurton and Surlingham, and Yelverton and lunch clubs in Rockland Primary, Alpington and Bergh Apton Primary and Framingham Earl High.

Share Lakenham Trust – A weekly youth club at New Hope Church in Lakenham, runs every Thursday. Dave Cossey is the youthworker who leads this club.

Widows and Orphans Relief Development (WORD) Trust – A new partnership, working with young people who don’t originate from the UK. This weekly youth club gives them space to be and to explore issues specific to them.


Resourcing Others

We provide a range of resources for young people and churches to help them grow their outreach and their faith.

Resources for young people:

Encounter – Our termly worship service. Designed by young people for young people! Packed with fun features and games, cutting edge worship band ‘Storehouse’ and guest speakers, this is not something to be missed! The event is hosted at Norwich central Bpatist Church and typically attracts over 100 young people. Look at our events page for next dates or contact us for publicity and flyers.

Mission Academy – a 3 month programme for groups of young people about mission! The programme is includes 3 training days and 2 mission projects.

CPAS Young Leaders course – Imagine young people growing in Christ-like character as they are equipped to lead in their churches, in their schools and colleges and in their homes. Growing Leaders – Youth Edition helps imagination become reality. In partnership with a youth leader Norwich YFC can put the course together and run it for your youth group or in partnership with other youth groups.

Rock Solid – Resources for your youth work! Go to for more info. These resources are here to help you communicate the good news of Jesus in a fun, innovative and relevant way. Not only that but it’s a great way to support Norwich YFC! The resources are produced nationally but the subscription fee goes directly to a local YFC centre – so make sure you tell them that it’s us!

The Global Leadership Summit – The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) videocast is a world-class experience for leaders who want to get better. Everybody has influence and the responsibility to lead well. When cultivated in a culture of Christ-centred leadership, your influence can change lives and the organisations in which you lead. Leaders worldwide leverage the GLS to sharpen their skills and to unleash the full potential of their teams. Click here to for more information.