Youth for Christ Resources

Looking for exceptional resources and ideas here to help you reach and disciple young people aged between 7-25 years in your community? British Youth for Christ produce a range of resources that are all available online.

Whether you are reaching those in your community who don’t follow Jesus or those in your church who need discipleship, everything is covered.

Each term, new material is produced that will take you right through your academic year on a range of topics with games, ideas and session plans. It’s so easy and flexible that you can use it within your existing clubs and groups or use it as a basis for starting up something new. Material is age-related, with something for 7-11’s, 11-14’s, 14-18’s and 18-25’s.

You can also find a training wall full of excellent tips and tricks from fellow youthworkers and a blog with thought-provoking thoughts on modern day youth work.

You can sign up for a free 6 week trial to all the resources. Test it out and if you want to subscribe, some of your subscription will even help Norwich Youth for Christ.

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